Compare Business Broadband & Phone Package Deals

Did you know you can save cash by simply bundling your broadband and telephone services into one easy monthly payment?

Our fibre optic broadband connection provides your business higher speed and expert internet access from just £39 a month.

You will also get a telephone package with competitive call prices to UK and international numbers, plus mobiles, so you are able to maintain in touch together with your customers without it costing the earth.

Comparing broadband packages is simple, all you’ll need to do is enter your postcode, and choose whether you’d prefer to add your house telephone (as well as your digital Television) to your broadband package and click to compare costs.

Getting broadband and your home telephone service from one provider not just saves you cash but can also be easier to manage.

What you need from a business broadband deal is for you to determine, as every business has varying requirements. However, right here are some elements you need to consider before making your choice:

  • Speeds – You’ll wish to have the ability to complete downloads as quickly as you possibly can and so you need to look for quick speeds (most likely 2Mb as a minimum, 8Mb for typical use, although speeds up to 24Mb are accessible). Nevertheless, you should also think about upload speeds too as you may need to location information on-line, like on to a company web site. Most business broadband providers utilise technologies that enables for faster uploads via processes such as symmetric DSL and optical carrier lines (that may transfer data at speeds as much as 600Mb).
  • Security – Nearly each business broadband package on the market will provide enhanced levels of safety such as anti-virus and spyware protection. Also look for extra components like firewalls and also the ability to back-up your data online.
  • Assistance – Is there a devoted 24hr helpline and will your contact be prioritised? Is there a guarantee to repair solutions within a set period of time?
  • Networking – Does the business broadband package allow for networking – that is two or much more computers sharing information and resources. If so, how numerous computers will it support and is there room for development? Also, is wireless networking accessible?
  • VoIP services – VoIP enables you to create calls more than the internet as a less expensive alternative to a normal landline or mobile telephone. See if you can get VoIP software program out of your broadband provider and are there a range of services accessible? VoIP is particularly useful for businesses with customers overseas as international calls are free to select nations.
  • Cost – As with any broadband deal you need to pay close attention to the cost and consider whether or not you’re getting value for money. Consider the length from the contract and do not be fooled by introductory rates.